Graphic Art Market - June 15

Come to the first edition of the Graphic Art Market on Saturday, June 15 in the Frederikstraat in Tilburg. From posters, buttons, tote bags to postcards, among others; you can shop it from more than 20 designers and artists. 

Graphic Art Market

Saturday June 15 2024
Frederikstraat – Tilburg
10:00h – 17:00h

The artwork for this edition was created by @klippimyndstudio

The Graphic Art Market is part of the multi-day festival @illustradafestival by @weareplaygrounds.

‘Fuck off boomers!’

Boo·mer (noun; m/f/x; plural: Boomers): “A cheerful and affectionate dog, known for its loyal eyes and adapted behavior, quickly becomes a beloved member of any household, spreading joy and companionship to all. Always open to new experiences and evolving gracefully, it never clings to outdated ideas or resists change.”


The ‘Metropolitan Museum Tilburg’ once again brings the almost forgotten generation conflict out of the closet. We often hear some strong judgments about the ‘youth of today’ as well as about those ‘damn boomers’. It’s nice to have some fun playing with it. We have therefore set up two exhibitions this year, namely ‘Fµck off boomers’ (May/June) for the young people and ‘Boomers strike back!’ (Sep/Oct) for the elderly among us. In short, the ‘millennials’ and ‘zoomers’ versus the ‘boomers’. Then everyone can express their precious egg, preferably with a good dose of humor. You are welcome!


Window exhibition
Stedekestraat 15, Tilburg
May 3 – June 30


XO OX - Studio de Gruyter

From November 2, I have the honor of coloring the most beautiful facade in Tilburg with my work. The window exhibition will be on display here for two months.


Gasthuisring 5, Tilburg


‘I will show two new works in which I explore the grid. Within this 9-part grid I look for tension in composition, perspective, shape and color. This specific shape with nine surfaces intrigues me. It contains both form X and form O and therefore brings with it both balance and imbalance. Shapes X and O are essential elements within the language of textiles.
The grid forms the basis of every measurable pattern. Within this flat form I look for spaciousness. A bright, colorful but abrasive language emerges; floating in a somewhat alienated and isolated environment. The square work tends towards both static superficiality and organic spatiality.’


You have of course known for a long time that Tilburg is a city of makers. But what do they make? And can you also hang that work on the wall in your home? Yes, that is certainly possible! On the weekend of November 11 and 12 you can view and buy the work of the makers with a studio in NS16 during the joint poster EXPO.

The posters are RISO prints, which are printed in the building. All prints are for sale in limited editions and are only sold during this weekend at a friendly price. So it’s a great opportunity to hang something unique on your wall.

The EXPO will be festively opened on Friday evening, November 10, with DJs Random & Shuffle and a performance by BHPL. Open studios will take place on Saturday and Sunday in collaboration with Tilburgse This means that in addition to the EXPO, you can also take a look at some of the studios where the makers of NS16 work.

Location: NS16, NS plein 16, Tilburg
Friday 10 Nov: Opening EXPO with music | 19:30 – 00:30
Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 November: expo + with Open Ateliers | 12:00 – 17:00

Talenthub: jump!

“…Six art institutions are joining forces and offering a group of talented artists a coaching program. This concerns Galerie Mieke van Schaijk (‘s-Hertogenbosch), Make Eindhoven (Eindhoven), Luycks Gallery (Tilburg), Pennings Foundation (Eindhoven), Museum Jan Cunen (Oss) and Galerie Nasty Alice (Eindhoven). At jump! knowledge transfer, networking and expertise development are central. In collaboration with Kunstloc Brabant, talented visual artists receive support to conquer a place in the art circuit. In addition, jump! the participating institutions the opportunity to work together and formulate joint goals.

The artists are offered both a joint and an individual program for a period of one and a half years. They are given the space to develop artistically. By following courses and training, they can acquire skills that support the development of their professional practice. What is special about this project is that three galleries, a museum, a workshop and a presentation institution work together and make knowledge and network available…”

ART The Hague

“…The tenth edition of Art The Hague will take place in The Hague from 4 to 8 October 2023.
The art fair has a strong field of Dutch and Belgian galleries. Collaboration is key these days! That is why a lot of attention is paid to crossovers during the fair. The Dreamland exhibition makes the link between art and design, science or even scent…”


Fokker Terminal, The Hague

Tilt X Natte Sok RADIO

“…Lo-Fi publisher Natte Sok extended the evening by making a live broadcast from the heart of the festival. We make radio like we make our books: punky, a bit crooked and everything by hand. Expect an eclectic lot, from
Ramones to Aunt Leen. But above all: during the broadcast
guests of the festival sit down and are subjected to questions that have very little to do with being a writer…”

Arte Ventura 10/2022

“…Artist’s residence on a wooded estate of 25 ha deep in the Spanish inland. A philosophy of autonomy, back to basics and interaction with nature form the foundation of the project.

arteventura offers silence, space and time to engage in research and development, or create new and adventurous work. Artists stay in all freedom and don’t have to submit a project, nor have they to yield any results.

Arteventura aims to be a place  where (international) artists and the communities of the region come together. In the entire region, tradition still has an important place in daily life. Yet this goes hand in hand with an open mind and curiosity about what exists outside this region. An ideal cross-pollination!

Arteventura seek to generate dialogue and interaction which can be an enrichment for everyone. This works from both sides. Artists can cooperate with local craftsmen, while inhabitants of the region are invited to meet and discover art…”

Make it in Tilburg

“….In her search for that confusion there is room for error. They are even more than welcome. ‘A completely clean painting does not really appeal to me. There is something beautiful in failure. Those imperfections contribute to the feeling and depth of a work.’ The embrace of flaws goes further than her artworks. Vera believes that we can all be a little less strict on ourselves and accept our own mistakes. ‘We live in a time when we all expect a lot from ourselves and others. People think that you are not allowed to make mistakes, while you actually learn from them.’ Funny enough, Vera is very strict with herself and a perfectionist. ‘Yes. That’s complicated, haha. I’m quite a perfectionist. While I look for imperfections in my work, does that make sense?’….”

Uitgeverij Natte Sok
/ We like it TIED!

Natte Sok is a LO-FI publisher of Twan van Bragt and Vera Meulendijks. Inspired by pulp novels, Bulk Books and fanzines, we started our own line: handmade PULP BOOKS. A pulp book of everything: from adventure novel to dark comic, from anarchist pamphlet to lascivious poetry. Many more will follow, but the very first Pulp book is called ‘The Impossible Existence of Eddie Picavet’. It was, not entirely coincidentally, written by Twan, illustrated by Vera. This first pulp book is a tragicomic hero story, the coming-of-age of a late bloomer.


LunaLunaLuna is a mini art and street theater festival during the carnival in Tilburg (Tilburgse Kermis). A theatrical oasis for intimate spectacle amidst busy crowds. In the Wilhelmina Park, LunaLunaLuna will put a large spotlight on original attractions of mainly Tilburg artists for five days. For young & old. Be there or be square!



Jeu D’n Èèrrepel – The one true thing. Our faithful friend. From crumbly to firm. In all shapes and sizes. We transform it into casseroles, croquettes, puree, rösti, fries and chips. It is so familiar that it is impossible to imagine life without it. But, long, long ago, there was a Holland without a single potato! The plant grew up in South America. This changed when a clever Spaniard smuggled one potato to Europe. How nice for us! So, because we are so happy with our faithful potato, and because it is possible; hurray for the potato. How nice that it is there! Do you also love potatoes? And can you get them in the right holes?



Appeltje Eitje – Challenge an opponent, choose your side and prove that your team is the ultimate winner by rolling over all the apples. Compete on your own track and prove that you are the fastest and most skilled with eggs to achieve the ultimate triumph. But be careful, your opponent will do everything he can to beat you! Are you up for the challenge? Brace yourself and show that your team is unbeatable. Apple’s egg, right?

Graphic Design

In addition to the practice of fine arts, Vera also works as a graphic designer. With her printing company DRUKT and her publishing company Natte Sok, she specializes in risography and screenprinting. She is responsible for the graphic design for the GIN FIZZ, a bar in Tilburg. She also provided the interior design, murals, wallpaper, visuals and other visual work here.